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<fallen^> wonder how long it takes before Fia forgets herself and picks her nose...
<Fia> hehe
<fallen^> well go on! I can't keep my finger on printscreen all day you know
.- About SZT -.
Welcome to the clan SZT homepage. We are bunch of old guys playing mostly the Quake 3 Freezetag mod, and hanging in #szt on quakenet.
.- Latest News -.
.- Update --
---- 2014-12-01 11:27:50cet -.
Were about to Close Another year in the history of SubZero treatment altho It's been awhile since the last update most of us are alive and kicking :)

'- posted by lilliz -'
.- Summer almost over, again --
---- 2010-08-29 10:06:22cet -.
So thanks to Blwrds expert knowledge and my ability to replace hardware the SZT server is back up again. Although I don't see my clanmates play quake alot anymore, mostly Chivas, and on occasion Zib on thedog I do notice some signs of life from some of the others.

As usual we overslept our 10'th anniversary,I've had a very busy fall and spring this last year and this fall/winter does not look like it's going to be any easier.

Future plans are to fix some stuff on this system and pherhaps a Q3A server aswell ?

Cheers LilliZ
'- posted by lilliz -'
.- Site's back up! --
---- 2010-08-28 16:41:55cet -.
We're back again! Err.. or at least the site is back again! We had some problems with hardware, but thanks to Lilliz, we've got some new bad-ass hardware to run the site on ;)

Of course having no backups at all delayed this our little reconstruction a bit. But hey, why make things easier, right? I guess we might implement some fancy backup thing, so that you won't suffer these little downtimes in the future.
'- posted by blwrd -'
.- Nothing much happening here But --
---- 2010-03-17 07:37:32cet -.
It was time to drop a few lines.
Most of us have gone thru with our lives, busy with careers, girlfriends/wifes boyfriends/husbands. I'm probably the last one playing Q3 on a somewhat regular basis, sometimes I can see Fatman on the dog but it's more rareley now. I do have some contact with the team on various places and that usually comes down to the Happy B-days, Merry x-mas and the Happy new year salutes.

To all of you I salute you.
'- posted by Lilliz -'
.- Merry x-mas and a Happy New Year to all --
---- 2008-12-23 17:59:25cet -.
So we turn the page on 2008, with just a day left for christmas and on the last week of this year we sit and reflect on the past year, hopefully in company with our families and or our loved ones. This year featured the earthquake in china accompanied with the Olympic games, the election of Barack Obama and of course the financial crisis of the market, In all this was an eventful year.

the poll for "Games should be played on" ended with these standings 1 for console, 15 for PC, 1 for Mp3 player and 2 didn't play games.

I'd like to send my christmas greetings to all the die hard freezetagers and my clan m8's where every you are...

'- posted by lilliz -'